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Mark Wall

Cathaoirleach Athy Municipal District 

Mark Wall Candidate Photo

Phone :083 334 14 88

Political Career

    Elected to Athy Town Council and Kildare County Council,2009
    Deputy Mayor of Athy, June 2012
    Mayor of Athy 2012-2013
    Mayor of Kildare 2013
    Elected to Kildare County Council, 2014
    Elected Cathaoirleach of Athy Municipal District, July 2015
    Selected to contest General Election, Sept. 2015


    Parliamentary Assistant


    Economic Development, Enterprise and Planning S.P.C
    Chairperson of Churchtown and Castlemitchell Community Development
    Chairperson of Castlemitchell GFC Juvenile Committee
    Secretary Churchtown Graveyard Committee
    Member of Kildare Leader Partnership Board
    Member of Kildare and Wicklow Education and Training board
    Member of Athy College Board of Management
    U/14 Coach Athy Hurling Club
    U/12 Coach Castlemitchell GFC

Other Interests

    Athy Hurling Club
    Athy Golf Club
    Castlemitchell G.F.C.

Family Background;

Son of former Kildare South Labout TD and former Chairman of the parliamentary Labour Party, Jack Wall

I am married to Michelle Dooley for the last 24 years and I live at  Castlerheban Athy

I have two sons, Eoin is 20 and in college in Dublin at TU Dublin City Campus, Cathal Brugha Stand Cathal is 17 and in 5th year in Ard Scoil na Trionoide in Athy

I have a wide an varying interest in Sport and I’m a member ofCastlemitchell GFC and Athy Golf Club

Im a Board member of Scoil Lorcain Castledermot

I’m a Director of:

Kildare Centre for the unemployed
Churchtown Castlemitchell Community Development Association
Athy Heritage Company
The Willow Project


Press Release
Statement by; Cllr. Mark Wall, Dáil Candidate for Kildare South.
Monday 3rd February, 2020


Speaking on The Labour Party policy on Better Pay and Job Security,
Cllr. Mark Wall said:

“Ireland is now a prosperous country but there is still a large and growing wealth gap between rich and poor. We are living longer, young people have many more opportunities, and the economy now provides 2.3 million jobs. But despite these positive developments, we still face major challenges. Nearly a quarter of workers are on low pay, and many jobs are insecure. Labour’s vision for 2030 is Ireland as an equal society, in which all workers are paid at least a living wage and have job security.”

Labour will raise the minimum wage to be a real living wage. The Low Pay Commission will have the role of setting out how the minimum wage will remain above two-thirds of median income, as it was originally in 2000, and sufficient to provide a minimum essential standard of living.

Labour will guarantee everyone the right to be represented at work by a trade union, and employers will be required to negotiate with their employee’s representatives. We will ensure a right of access for trade union representatives to workplaces, including through constitutional change if required. We will also reform Joint Labour Committees so they are not prevented from meeting if either side refuses to attend.

Labour will introduce two new public holidays, to bring Ireland up to the European average of 11 paid public holidays.

Labour will maintain the State Pension age at 66, end compulsory retirement at 65 in employment contracts, and provide a transition payment.

Labour will initiate a Maximum Employment Strategy, aiming for an unemployment rate below 4%, implement a regional jobs strategy and a right to lifelong learning, fully implement the employment strategy for people with disabilities, and  expand the number and types of apprenticeships and traineeships that are available, strengthen measures to prevent the exploitation of migrant workers.

Labour will restore tax relief for trade union membership on the same basis as professional association fees.



Press Release
STATEMENT Cllr Mark Wall
Dáil Candidate for Kildare South
Friday 31st  January, 2020

Equality in Healthcare

Following the launch of the Labour Party Equality In Healthcare Plan, Cllr. Mark Wall said:
“Labour has set out our strong commitment to a health system that works for everyone, based on medical need not the ability to pay.

Both Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil pick and choose pieces of the agreed SláinteCare plan. At the same time, they are privatising our public health service by stealth through super-charging the National Treatment Purchase Fund and through promoting new private clinics. Only Labour will deliver a high quality European healthcare system.

Labour will end the waste in our healthcare system. We will redirect funding to where it is most needed – ending the recruitment embargo, increasing home help hours, increasing bed capacity and we will manage our public health system more effectively.

Labour is committed to a single health system that works for everyone, where everyone gets equally good quality medical treatment. The roadmap is the agreed all-party SláinteCare Report. But this Government hasn’t made any serious headway. Fine Gael has held the position of Minister for Health for nine years. Simon Harris, Leo Varadkar and James Reilly have all failed to deliver change.

Labour will redirect funding to local primary care centres closer to communities, which will provide medical tests, disability supports, mental health services and help people to manage long-term disease like diabetes. We will extend free-of-charge GP care to all under-18s, and to everyone with a long-term illness or disability. In addition, Labour will review the benefits of social prescribing (linking patients to non-medical sources of support within the community via primary care


Friday 31st  January 2020
Cllr Mark Wall.
Castledermot Library

Cllr. Mark Wall, General Election candidate in the Kildare South Constituency, has announced that €20,000 has been secured under the Local Property Tax Grants Scheme for the Athy Municipal District, to facilitate the upgrading, renovation and development of Castledermot Library.

Cllr.Mark Wall said “I have worked closely with County Librarian, Marian Higgins, on this initiative and I am delighted to announce that €20,000 has been allocated to the library in Castledermot.

The investment will see an expansion of the library service in the town, with additional opening hours and new facilities for people using the library. The funding will also be used to upgrade lighting, seating and ensure full accessibility to the building. The library service in Kildare is among the best in the country, membership is free and I would encourage everyone to become a member.”



Defence Policy

 Speaking in relation to Labour’s forthcoming policy document on Defence, the Labour Party candidate for South Kildare; Mark Wall, said that: “ Under Labour, the Department of Defence will  review and implement improvements in the pay and allowances of all service personnel. Labour will ensure that all Defence Forces personnel have proper treatment in terms of pay, allowances and working conditions. Labour will initiate a review of pay and allowances and implement the findings to restore pay to the men and women serving in our Army, Navy and Air Corps”.

He said, “The Labour Party recognise the inconsistenttreatment of Defence Forces in the public pay agreement and will seek an exemption to the agreement to rectify this unfairsituation”.

Mark Wall went on to say, “Labour will ensure trade union recognition for the Defence Forces, and allow the union to affiliate with ICTU to access the industrial relations institutions of the state, while recognising  that the government will be able to limit the right to strike on the grounds of national security.

A full and comprehensive Labour Party Defence Policy Document will be published in the coming days, detailing the Labour Party policy on all matters relating to Defence.  



Mark Wall said,
 “ At national and local level Labour is proud to have been to the fore on progressing climate action.  At national level Labour introduced Ireland’s first climate change legislation and it was Labour councillors who pioneered public bike schemes and continue to push for increased investment in cycling and pedestrian facilities in cities and towns.”

 “Climate action has to be embedded in every action of the next Government.  We know that time is running out for our planet.  The failure to act is already causing catastrophic impacts on human health, biodiversity, and our marine life.  A relentless focus on climate action at a domestic, European and international level is an absolute moral and economic imperative for Labour for the next five years.”

“Labour has led the way on climate change.  But we have also listened.  We’ve listened to expert scientific advice, we’ve listened to climate critical communities in the developing world, and we’ve listened to the voices of young people – in Ireland and abroad - who are passionately demanding a sustainable future.”

“Climate action demands a whole of Government approach.  Every Department, every policy must contribute to our climate targets.  For instance, our approach involves action across all departments and agencies such as:
•    A legal commitment to net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.
•    Retrofitting 100,000 homes nationwide per year.
•    Investing in the ESB, Coillte and Bord na Móna so they become engines of new sustainable jobs in clean energy, recycling and land management.

“Our plans to combat the Climate Crisis will have an impact that won’t penalise people.  Our plans are both ambitious and practical.  They have the capacity to build a better future of our planet and the next generation.”

“The Labour Party is committed to a Just Transition because the alternative is to abandon workers in industries that must become climate-proof.  We have worked extensively with our colleagues in the trade union movement to ensure that our move to a carbon neutral society creates sustainable jobs in all communities and especially in those communities reliant on old technologies.”

“The marches in our cities demanding actual work to mitigate the Climate Crisis demands radical action. Anything else is not worthy.”

“We will ban offshore drilling or any further extraction of fossil fuels on Ireland’s land or waters, with no renewal of existing licences when they expire in the coming years.  We also propose to update legislation that will result in the banning of the importation of fracked gas like proposed for Cork Harbour and Shannon.”

“Community actions tackling energy costs and waste are to the fore in our proposals.”

 “We will also seek to re-introduce a deposit return scheme for glass and plastic bottles and containers. This is not rocket science and previously operated here.  In many of our European neighbours, new technology allows people scan deposits at bring banks or in supermarkets and immediately provide cash or credit.”

“There are those who will dismiss small measures as meaningless. We must never be afraid to take whatever steps we can to save the world we live in and to try and leave it in a better place for those who come after us. That is our goal in this election.”


House Alarm Scheme for the Athy Municipal District

Cllr Mark Wall.

Speaking at the annual Text Alert meeting in St Laurences G.A.A pavilion last night, general election candidate; Cllr. Mark Wall confirmed that an additional €9,000 had been allocated to the older persons House Alarm Scheme for the Athy Municipal District.

“This is very positive news, as it will allow those on a state pension to apply for a grant of up to €500 towards the cost of installing a home alarm.” Gardaí present at the meeting informed the attendees that a visible and working alarm is a deterrent to burglars.

Following the meeting, Councillor Wall called for more personnel and resources for the Gardaí to support them in tackling crime.   

Cllr. Mark Wall also announced that in excess of €10,000 had been secured for the purchase and roll out of a free unique Property Making Initiative.

This anti-theft initiative, involves marking personal property with the owners Eircode which thereby makes the item less attractive to theft.

The unit works by stamping your Eircode into the object using a pattern of dots. The size and depth of the stamp is adjusted depending on the object being marked. Virtually any surface can be marked, including steel, aluminium, wood, and plastic.

This initiative has been successfully used in other parts of the country and items such as bicycles, trailers, lawnmowers, chainsaws and other household and farm items have proved to be the most popular items presented for marking.

Free Property Marking events will commence shortly throughout the county.


Press Release
Tuesday 28th  January 2020
Cllr Mark Wall.

General Election candidate, Cllr. Mark Wall is delighted to announce that €54,000 has been secured under the Local Property Tax Grants Scheme for the Athy Municipal District, for the purchase of equipment by sports clubs.

“Athy and the surrounding area has a long and illustrious sporting history; producing international and world class sportsmen and women in a wide variety of sports. Many of whom have  gone on to represent their town, county and country on world and international stages.”

“This success could not have been achieved without the support, dedication and commitment of the invaluable work of volunteers in every code and discipline. We are very proud of our sports people, and equally grateful to the trainers, mentors, organisers and volunteers who ensure that the best possible facilities are available to grow and encourage participation in all sports. The Annual Sports Club Equipment Grants go a long way in supporting these clubs to purchase much needed equipment and I am delighted to be able to assist them in achieving their goals.”


Press Release
Statement by; Cllr. Mark Wall, Dáil Candidate for Kildare South.
Monday 27 January, 2020

Speaking in reaction to the launch of the Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil’s manifestos, Cllr Mark Wall said that both parties were trying to buy votes while causing a grotesque rise in inequality.

Mark said: “It is not the time to cut taxes, with nearly 4,000 children in homelessness and hundreds of thousands of people waiting for health appointments. Yet both Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil are promising tax cuts to the better off to buy their votes.“Fianna Fáil is going to slash Capital Gains Tax by a quarter, which will only benefit the wealthiest in society. This measure is also likely to reduce available money for healthcare and other services by around €100 million every year.

“Fianna Fáil’s plan for a First Time Buyer’s SSIA will simply cause prices to rise by €10,000 and all the benefit will go to those selling property and the owners of building land. What’s worse, those who simply can’t afford to save due to high rents will get nothing from this policy. In the absence of sufficient supply, the proposed €600 rent tax credit will just push up rental costs and go into the pockets of landlords, without much real benefit to tenants. Fianna Fáil have refused to freeze rents, which shows whose side they are really on. Funding both of these measures will also take money away from frontline services like health and education.

“Fianna Fáil’s plan to double the National Treatment Purchase Fund is a clear signal that they do not intend to invest in local healthcare services. Instead, they will pay for people to travel abroad or to Northern Ireland, or to private hospitals. The over-reliance on private practice is rapidly privatising what should be core public health services. There is a huge inefficiency in duplicating public services in private hospitals, but that is what Fianna Fáil’s proposal will do. This will do nothing to fix the real problems in our public healthcare system.

“Meanwhile Fine Gael is planning a massive tax giveaway by slashing gift tax and inheritance tax for the wealthiest households. They are planning to reduce these taxes by 40% for people who are given between €250,000 and €585,000. That will give the wealthiest individuals up to €43,550 by the time this is fully implemented. This is not entrepreneurial gains but money given or inherited only by those at the top of society.

“Fine Gael’s proposed income tax cut by expanding the standard rate to €50,000 will give a massive tax break to high earners and not a cent to the large majority of workers. Leo Varadkar had the arrogance to claim that this was ‘for the many, not the few’. This is a lie. Revenue statistics show that only one in five income earners pay any tax at all at the higher rate. While this may rise, tax bands are routinely expanded in line with inflation to minimise the numbers paying the higher rate of tax.

“ The ESRI calculated that exactly these changes to income tax would increase income inequality. They will make Ireland as unequal as the UK, further away from Northern European countries like Denmark or Sweden. Fine Gael’s tax cuts will also leave a gaping €2.5 billion hole in the public finances that will mean less money for housing or healthcare.

“Both Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil have shown their true colours. Both of them are drawing on the same set of ideas as the current British Conservative Party. Both of them are moving Ireland further away from European norms. Both of them are weakening the tax base at a time when the economy faces multiple risks from Brexit, international trade and climate change.

“Labour offers a responsible alternative. We will launch our alternative public spending proposals and our manifesto in the coming days. We will show how public spending can be focused on building 80,000 social and affordable homes, eliminating long-term homelessness, and fixing the public healthcare system by recruiting the staff it needs. But first and foremost, we will stop the waste of public money that has been demonstrated by Fine Gael in government with the Independent Alliance, and by Fianna Fáil on every occasion it has gone into government.

“Labour is the party that introduced Freedom of Information and we restored it when Fianna Fáil tried to destroy it. We will radically strengthen transparency so that the people can see value for every euro of public money. Labour will demonstrate how we can build an equal society through better public services, but the first step is restoring the people’s confidence in how their money is being spent.”


Press Release
Statement by; Cllr. Mark Wall, Dáil Candidate for Kildare South.

Wednesday 29th January, 2020

The Labour Party has outlined proposals for better pay and job security including a real living wage, a right to trade union representation in the workplace, flexible work arrangements and an examination of the four-day week.
Cllr Mark Wall said:

“Labour wants a radical shift in how we approach employment to ensure that work always pays. We have a real problem with low pay in this country affecting nearly 1 in 4 workers who earn less than two-thirds of median hourly earnings. Too many families struggle, relying on supports such as the Working Family Payment to make ends meet. That is why we will change the law and instruct the Low Pay Commission to create a path to a real living wage in excess of two-thirds of the median hourly earnings, and importantly ensure that the rate never falls below that threshold of decency.

“The Labour Party is also proposing that the delivery of full trade union and collective bargaining rights must be at the core of any agreement Labour might reach in the next Dáil. The societies and economies that do best are those where people are free not just to join a trade union, but have an unambiguous legal right to be represented by their union in negotiations on pay and conditions.

“The most sustainable way to make work pay and to tackle income inequality is not through tax cuts and transfers where the State is obliged to do much of the heavy lifting but ensuring Ireland adheres to European norms. That is why Labour will guarantee everyone the right to be represented at work by a trade union and employers will be obliged to negotiate with those representatives, ensuring the right of access for trade union reps to workplaces too.”

“The nature of work is also changing. Far too many people are living to work rather than working to live. This trend is destroying lives and relationships, affecting our health and the time we get to spend with our families and friends. For a better work life balance Labour will bring in new laws to access the right to flexible work. Ireland is almost unique in the EU in that this right does not currently exist in Irish law.

“We believe now is the time to properly examine the case for a Four Day working week - on the same pay. Significant evidence suggests that where a four day week has been introduced, it has led to better productivity, an improved bottom line, less stress and greater levels of staff engagement and staff retention. We will also introduce a ‘right to disconnect’ to make sure that exciting new technologies work for us in making work less intensive, rather than us being enslaved by the always on culture.”



Press Release
Wednesday 29th  January 2020
Cllr Mark Wall.
Nurney Community Lighting

General Election candidate, Cllr. Mark Wall is delighted to announce that €5,400 has been secured under the Local Property Tax Grants Scheme for the Athy Municipal District,  for the installation of floodlighting of the walking track at Nurney GAA grounds.
Mark Wall said “It is important that people have safe areas to walk and exercise throughout the year. The installation of new lighting fixtures on the walking track at the football grounds will ensure that people do not run the risk of having to take their exercise on dark country lanes in the middle of winter. This is a project which will benefit all ages and encourage more people to participate in a regular and fun recreational activity in a safe, well lit location.”



Press Release
Wednesday 29th January 2020
Cllr Mark Wall.
Castledermot Community Centre

General Election candidate, Cllr. Mark Wall is pleased to announce that €15,000 has been secured for Teach Diarmada Castledermot Community Centre, under the Local Property Tax Grants Scheme for the Athy Municipal District.

Mr Wall said “ This is funding needed to carry out ground and drainage works at the Centre, and I am delighted that the work will now be carried out and the people of Castledermot will benefit from the renovation.

Since it opened, Teach Diarmada has become a hub of community activity seven days a week. The centre facilitates a wide range of activities and is used by numerous local groups and organisations; from sports clubs to the parish office. Ensuring the local community has a facility where people can meet and work together is central to the life blood of rural communities. T

he success of Teach Diarmada is due to the commitment and enterprise of the people of Castledermot and they should be rightly proud of their success, I wish them well and I am glad to have been of assistance in securing the funding.”




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