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Vincent P. Martin

Vincent P Martin High Res

A Chara,

My main priority is to demand that our county receives the urgent and necessary increase in services and facilities to meet the significant increase in our population. Kildare already has the highest rate of under 25-year olds in the country, therefore it is clearly vital that we provide more schools, childcare, playgrounds, GPs, hospital facilities, investment in public transport services, safe pedestrian & cycling routes and proper traffic management.


  •     Real Climate Action for a safe, sustainable world for future generations.
  •     A transport revolution that puts walking, cycling and public transport first.
  •     A new form of public housing - affordable, accessible, for everyone.
  •     A more inclusive, accessible education system - with no child left behind.
  •     Social justice for those who have consistently been marginalised, ignored or oppressed.
  •     A radical Improvement to our healthcare system.
  •     School places and affordable childcare for all, and valuing the work of carers in our homes and communities.
Vincent P Martin Family


I am married with 2 young children so I am acutely aware of the massive pressure on childcare/school places in our county. My wife Hilda Cummins works locally as a GP and I am also aware of the urgent requirement to improve access for patients to medical services and better support for all our medical staff.


Ultimately the Greens want a single-tier health system based on need rather than ability to pay. For this we need government commitment and a road map to get there, Right now we need investment in our struggling hospital system so it can meet our basic needs and proper support for our primary care services. We need to be more proactive in making prevention of ill-health something that is inherent into all policy areas. So promoting cycling and walking will improve health outcomes, promoting mental wellness is important, improving our food system and promoting the right diets will also have a significantly positive impact on health and this holistic approach is central to Green Party policy.


Education is fundamental to supporting a fair and democratic society. My aim is to support and develop a high-quality, inclusive education system that strengthens community, contributes to the economy, cherishes the environment and adds to the health and wellbeing of all learners. We will reform our education system to support all learners to meaningfully and creatively engage with the world around them and prepare them for the challenges and successes of the future, and to recognise the importance of the roles of everyone, teachers, principals, academics and administrative staff, in our schools and educational communities. Equal pay for equal work.

Greta Thunberg


People now know that we have just a short window of time to make a meaningful impact and stop climate change. We need this next decade to be the Green Decade to make the changes to the way we work, travel, and use energy. And we can do this all in a way that makes Our communities better for everyone.
Climate activist Greta Thunberg who at 16 years of age addressed world leaders at 2019 UN Climate Action Summit held in New York

Climate activist Greta Thunberg who at 16 years of age addressed world leaders at the 2019 UN Climate Action Summit held in New York

Train in Connolly Station

Kildare North is Ireland's largest commuter belt and urgently needs a new approach to public transport. Increase reliability, frequency of services, more routes, more choice: get us to more places without driving! As it currently stands, the Government's budgets have been heavily weighted towards new roads over new public transport projects - while there is not a single major public transport project under construction in the country at the moment, there are 50 new roads or road upgrades currently ongoing. Instead of continuing with roads, roads and more roads - we need to prioritise investment in public transport over road spending by a ratio of 21


If we are serious about reducing our emissions from the transport sector, we must encourage cycling and provide the facility for cyclists to travel safely and efficiently throughout our city.

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